Ascension Residential Fencing

Fencing has more than one effect on a home, such as making the property impenetrable or adding an esthetic value.... Ascension Residential Fencing

Ascension Residential Fencing

Fencing has more than one effect on a home, such as making the property impenetrable or adding an esthetic value. The tall fences add more privacy to the home, while shorter ones add more beauty even if they only have a small barrier to safety and security.

So what kind of fences and gates in Ascension Parish, LA do you want? The final answer comes to what you want to achieve, which you can learn all the different fence designs in Ascension and the property line and fence laws in Louisiana.

Types of residential fences

The main difference between all these fences is the material used. The material plays a significant role in what kind of maintenance you will keep up and how it blends into your property. Many neighborhoods are limited to the type of fence they can use, so you may have little wiggle room in exercising your personal preferences. The following are some of the most common residential fences.


These fences are standard because they have better aesthetics and offer durable and safe enclosures. The wrought iron choice has been a favorite in the US for at least 200 years because it is durable, needs minimal maintenance, and looks better than many other options.

The only issue of concern is that wrought iron fences are not the lowest on the scale factor of price, and you would have to part with a decent amount during the initial installation. The good news is you do not have to go overboard with extra decorations, which means you can save money and end up with a lower estimate than you expected.


Steel is another standard Ascension Parish residential fencing option, which has been used for centuries in civilizations worldwide. The aesthetic is somewhat similar to wrought iron, which gives the same attractive rusty appeal. The steel fence should last a long time with the right conditions, but you may need regular maintenance to upkeep the appearance. Consider using steel over wrought iron if you do not have a lot of extra cash to set aside for the latter.


Another favorite metal fence is aluminum, which has a striking resemblance to the other two metal options. The upside of using aluminum is that it is relatively easy to maintain, especially when the installer coats it to prevent the negative impact of snow and other harsh outdoor elements. Be careful about choosing aluminum if you do not want lightweight fencing because the metal is not as sturdy and can bend easily with some amount of pressure.


Wood is a trendy choice because there are so many ways to style it and make it custom for their home’s architecture. Wood gives a classic, beautiful design that is warm and inviting; hence, it is a top pick for family homes within safe and secure neighborhoods.

The above are only a few of the options you can get from Fencing USA because we have an array of other options, including chain-link, vinyl, and others. Contact our fence installers in Ascension online to book a personalized consultation.


Ascension Residential Fencing

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Ascension Residential Fencing

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